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Automatic plants for internal handling : palletizing, box transport, pallet transport, special plants.


The company structure of Tres Line is designed to be flexible, lean and competent, which allows us to devise and propose the most appropriate solution for every customer. Our solutions range from pallet, box and crate transport systems to palletizing systems and special plants.

Among the most important machines that make up our end-of-line installations are:

  • Automatic Cartesian palletizers
  • Robotic palletizing systems
  • Elevators/Lowerators
  • Empty pallet feeders
  • Roller/chain pallet transport systems
  • Box and/or crate transport systems
  • 90°-bent transfer devices
  • Rotating tables
  • Feeders for the insertion of sheets between the layers to be palletized
  • Roller/ chain pallet storage systems
  • Pallet stacking devices

pallet transport line palletizing robot coffee pods 01010012.JPG P1010216.JPG movimento penumatici

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